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Last updated November 10, 2021



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If you need to make up any test or time you will need to get in touch with the driver education instructor who is teaching the class at your school to make arrangements. The next driver education classes are IN-PERSON classes at the high schools. Classes begin November 15, 2021. UR-6-12 students will need to attend driver education at SWRHS.


On average it takes three to four months to complete driver education. This includes the classroom and driving sessions. This is if the student has no extracurricular activities.


Driver Education Classroom


*Please note that if you register for a class and are offered a seat in the class and you decide not to take the class or are a no show you will be dropped from the class and will not be given a seat until six months later. This also applies if you are dismissed from the class for any reason. We cannot work around extracurricular activities. We are an extracurricular activity. If in doubt DO NOT SIGN UP. We have many students wanting a seat in the driver education classes. This means you took a seat that could have gone to another student. If you have been given two previous seats you are ineligible to take driver education.*


If you are a graduating senior and have not completed the classroom part of driver education six months prior to your last day in school you will not be able to complete the driving portion of driver education.

If you are a home school or private school student, click here to find out if you are eligible to take driver education in Randolph County.



You must be 14½ years old on the day the class begins to be eligible for the class.




Normally we have two classes in the Fall, two classes in the Spring, one class in June, and one class in July.


Covid-19 issues may change our normal scheduling of driver education classes.


The November 2021 classes are all FULL.


Our next classes will be sometime in February/March. If you would like to be notified when the online registration link becomes available for the February/March classes CLICK HERE (you will put your email address in two times).




Behind-the-Wheel Sessions


Once a student has completed ALL of the classroom requirements and paid the driver education fee a driver education instructor will contact the student to schedule the student to drive. Students are placed in the scheduling book by the school they attend. The book is organized by when the class ended then oldest to youngest that was in that class that completed all the requirements including driver education fee. (EX. May 3, 2021 Class oldest to youngest then June 7, 2021 Class under May 3, 2021 Class oldest to youngest.) If you complete all requirements including the driver education fee at a later date you will be put in the scheduling book below those who have completed all requirement prior to you. Students will be called with one of the phone numbers we have on file when the student registered for the class. If no answer, the instructor will leave a message. If we are unable to reach the student we will keep the student in the scheduling book and try to schedule the student at a later date. It can take up to eight weeks before a student will know when they will drive.




Why has my child not been scheduled to drive? He or she has taken the classroom portion already.


The student usually hasn't paid the $65 driver education fee to the high school in a timely manner (while the class was being taught).

The student hasn't passed all the necessary tests for the class.

The student hasn't completed the DMV time requirement for the class (30 hours).

The student hasn't come to the DMV eye check that was scheduled for that class.


If you have paid the driver education fee after the classroom is over please email me a copy of the receipt so that I can update my records, otherwise the record my continue to show that the fee needs to be paid.


The student will need to show the driver education car instructor a copy of their birth certificate before a completed driver education certificate will be issued.


Guidelines for Behind-the-Wheel Training


Face mask must be worn in the car.

Only two students are allowed in the driver education car at a time.

Parents/guardians must be reachable anytime during the student’s driving session.

The student must be picked up immediately after the driving session is over. If the student cannot arrange an immediate pick up we cannot drive the student.


Craig LeGlue

Driver Education Coordinator
Randolph County Schools








Please read instructions carefully below to find out what path you should follow.

The state requirements for driver education are 30 hours of book work and 6 hours of driving experience.  The driving portion will be scheduled after all requirements of the book work have been met.

If you are a home school or private school student, click here to find out if you are eligible to take driver education in Randolph County.