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Page is current as of September 14, 2020


Driver Education Classroom


The cut off birthday for the September 15, 2020 class was May 23, 2005.


Driver education emails concerning the September 15, 2020 class have been sent out. If you provided an invalid email address your registration, seat invitation, or email letting you know that you did not make the class due to priority given to the oldest students first would not have arrived. We have no control if you did not give a proper email address without spelling errors.



Registration in now closed. We will have another class mid to late October. The registration link will posted here. Check back frequently for updates. We are training more driver education instructors so we can offer more Real Time Virtual Online classes.


*Please note that if you register for a class and are offered a seat in the class and you are a no show you will dropped from the class and will not be given a seat until next semester. This also applies if you are dismissed from the class. We have many students wanting a seat in the driver education classes.*




Behind-the-Wheel Sessions


Our instructors began driving around July 15, 2020.  Students currently being scheduled for behind the wheel instruction are those that completed the classes through March 2020.  We have around 250 students who were ready to drive in March.  We are working through that list with priority given to the oldest students who are available. Students who complete any classroom session that began July 2020 or later will be scheduled according to age. Priority has always been given to the oldest students.


We are currently working through May/June 2005 birthdays. This is the average age of those driving in our 9 schools.


Due to Covid-19, Randolph County Schools Driver Education program was shut down in March 2020.  We recently began teaching the classroom session using remote instruction.  We are now also beginning the Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) training.

We are addressing the backlog of students that were previously in a book work class as well as BTW training.  Instructors will first contact those students who were in the BTW training at the time of the March 2020 shutdown so they can finish their training.  Once these students have completed driving, students who completed the book work training prior to July 2020 and those that were in the book work class when driver education was closed down in March 2020 will be scheduled first to drive.

Students who are in the current Online/Virtual classes will be scheduled for BTW training based on age.  Priority will be given to the oldest students who are available to drive when scheduled. Students who might not wish to drive now due to fear of Covid-19, vacations already scheduled or extra-curricular activities will not lose their order based on age.  When the student is ready to drive, they will be scheduled as quickly as possible.

Students who have been scheduled and committed to drive but do not show up on the first day without contacting the instructor or the driver education office will lose their order of priority.  When a student is a no show, they have taken the time away from someone else.

  • Instructors have been instructed on the State’s guidelines for BTW training.
  • Instructors have been given student names to schedule. There are over 100 students who have been identified and will be called.
  • Instructors will be calling students to schedule them, so you may want to answer the phone if you are in the habit of screening out calls from numbers you do not recognize.
  • The driver education office has about 100 additional students to schedule who had already completed the book work prior to our July 6, 2020 Online/Virtual class.  They will be scheduled as instructors complete the group of students already identified.
  • Students completing the Online/Virtual classes will then be scheduled.  We will schedule the oldest students first.


If you email or call the driver education office, it may take a few days before you get an answer.  We are 4 months behind due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and working as quickly as possible to catch up.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Guidelines for Behind-the-Wheel Training

Student needs to provide and wear a cloth face mask.

Only two students are allowed in the driver education car at a time.

Instructor will ask the following questions of each student before every driving session:

1.       Have you had close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) in the last 14 days with someone diagnosed with Covid-19, or has any health department or health care provider been in contact with you and advised you to quarantine?

2.       Since you were last at school, have you had any of these symptoms?

Fever, Chills, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new cough, new loss of taste or smell.

3.       Since you were last at school, have you been diagnosed with Covid-19?

4.       The student’s temperature will be checked.  Temperature must be at or below 100.4⁰F.

Parents/guardians should not leave the school property until they know their student has been cleared to enter the vehicle per instructor screening

Parents/guardians are required to practice social distancing and must wear cloth face coverings when interacting with the teacher/instructor or others on the driving site.

Parents/guardians must be reachable anytime during the student’s driving session.






Craig LeGlue
Driver Education Coordinator
Randolph County Schools




Please read instructions carefully below to find out what path you should follow.

The state requirements for driver education are 30 hours of book work and 6 hours of driving experience.  The driving portion will be scheduled after all requirements of the book work have been met.

If you are a home school or private school student, click here to find out if you are eligible to take driver education in Randolph County.