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Junior Varsity Softball

(Schedules are tentative and subject to change.)

Mar. 3rd @ North Moore (JV)

Mar. 5th vs. Chatham Central (JV)

Mar. 12th @ Southwestern Randolph (JV)

Mar. 16th @ Lee County (JV)

Mar. 19th vs. North Moore (JV)

Mar. 24th @ Trinity*(single, JV home)

Mar. 31 @ Chatham Central (JV)

Apr. 2nd vs. Randleman*(JV)

Apr. 14th @ Wheatmore*(single, JV home)

Apr. 16th vs. @ Southwestern Randolph (JV)

Apr. 17th vs. Trinity* (single, JV @)

Apr. 22nd vs. Lee County (JV)

Apr. 28th @ Randleman*(JV)

Apr. 29th vs. Southeast Guilford (JV)

May 1st vs. Wheatmore*(single, JV @)