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Sky Writing helps children to identify letters.
Clifford Books are interactive on this site.
Whirley Word Machine is a great game for CVC word building.
Matching Word Sounds with the Letters
Kathy Bumgardner  is a great web resource for reading!
5 frames and 10 frames for math. 
Patterns activity interactive game that allows children to create patterns with a paint pallette.
Patterns activity for students to complete missing pieces.
Seasonally Related Math Activities

Bees and Honey Mouse Activity Skills Game

Macmillan Lesson 1: Computer Basics

Macmillan Lesson 49:  Keyboarding

Mouse Skills, Part 1

Mouse Skills, Part 2


Here is a website that allows students to play with word families. It's called Dub Cubs.
Students can carve their own
jack o lantern.
Spelling Practice.
Final sounds practice.
Phonics and word work; includes Word Family Activities. 
Science activites!
Great activities for solids and liquids as well as goal 4 (pushes and pulls and balancing).
GREAT THANKSGIVING website! It really explains the difference between Pilgrims and Indians. Information is read aloud and chores, housing, and ways of life are demonstrated.
Properties of Solids site that tests solid's ability to be waterproof, strong, flexible, and transparent.                                                                                                                                                               Virtually build mobiles and test them for balance before setting them in motion.  Great supplement for 4th grade Science.
Adding game.
Under the Shell game is great for subtraction practice!                                                                                                                                                                      Shoot a number to add to sums of 10!
Site allows children to locate items that are made from
sand, clay, silt, pebbles, boulders; great pictures and definitions of each of the terms.

Bead Sticks helps children understand the concept of regrouping.
Kathy Bumgardner is a great web resource for reading!
Geometry resources.
Math and Reading Skill Building Games. Might be good for stations or computer lab.
Symmetry activities.
Max's adventures is a site with terrific interactive story problems.
Interactive site for 
states of matter.