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Interactive website for Ecoystems; Build a Prairie.
Kids Games
Interactive; The Food Chain game.
Food Chain site;
Chain Reaction.
Producers and Consumers 
Ed Heads; simple machines.
Interactive reading site about the 
water cycle.
Explore Onomonpea
Glaciers and how they move. 
Kathy Bumgardner great site resource for reading!
Rotational Symmetry
Walk the Plank asks lots of questions about the ecosystems; good review game!
Fox and Rabbit game simuation that helps with limiting factors.
Science; includes adaptations and magnets.
Fraction Track 

Native American game that involves data analysis.
Algebra; students use pictures to balance equations.
Fraction munchers game
Multiplication Patterns

Readaquarium; interactive games for main idea and inferencing.
Interactive Spring Scale
Guess my Rule with attribute shapes; great activity for analyzing shapes.

Interactive games for practicing multiplication facts: ( This tests your speed!) (Multiplication Eaters)

Biomes of the Earth; great for a research project.
Maya Mystery; interactive adventures for students to learn about Mayan heiroglyphs and temples and lifestyles.