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Administrative Offices
2222-C South Fayetteville Street
Asheboro, NC 27205
(336) 318-6100
Fax (336) 318-6155  Administration
Fax (336) 318-6166  Instruction
Fax (336) 629-6023  Warehouse
From High Point
From Liberty
From Greensboro
(336) 819-3100
(336) 218-4100
(336) 218-4100

  Superintendent's Office  
Dr. Stephen Gainey Superintendent 318-6140
Beverly Fowler Executive Assistant 318-6140
Jackie Auman Central Office Receptionist/Secretary 318-6100
Tim Moody Public Information Officer 318-6105

Cathy Brady

Assistant Superintendent/ Human Resources 318-6110
Catherine Berry Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum and Instruction 318-6030
Marty Trotter Assistant Superintendent/Operations 318-6283
Todd Lowe Finance Officer  318-6069
  Personnel Office  
Cathy Brady Assistant Superintendent/Human Resources and Administrative Services 318-6110
Annette McLeod Administrative Assistant/Certified Personnel 318-6110
Judi Craven BT Coordinator  318-6104
Jane Moody Licensure Specialist 318-6043
Alesia Greene Administrative Assistant/Classified Personnel  318-6103
Mary Ann Ingold Workmen's' Comp. Administrator/Personnel Assistant 318-6102
Instructional Services
Catherine Berry Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum and Instruction  318-6030
Claire Perry Administrative Assistant 318-6030
Dr. Lynette Graves Director of Elementary Education/Title I 318-6090
Donna Hyder Administrative Assistant 318-6090
Ana Floyd K-5 Lead Teacher/Math & Science 318-6028
Angela Harris K-5 Lead Teacher Literacy/ Social Studies 318-6036
Roxanne Taylor Title I Parent Coordinator 318-6097
Amy Walker Director Middle School Instruction 318-6029
Carol Fuller Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper 318-6046
Kim Johnson Director Secondary Instruction/ESL 318-6040
Catherine Little Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper 318-6040
Bonnie Edwards Titile III Program Specialist 318-6092 
Roxanne Taylor ESL Program Liaison 318-6097
Nancy Cross Career-Technical Education (CTE) Administrator 318-6062
Carol Fuller Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper 318-6046
Rhonda Evans Instructional Management Coordinator  318-6057
Wendy Copelan AG Coordinator
  Media/Technology Services  
Nan York Executive Director, Media and Technology 318-6080
Linda Cates Administrative Assistant 318-6080
Alice Smith Instructional Technology Specialist 318-6085
Shenna Russell Creech Instructional Technology Specialist 318-6190
Beth Davis PowerSchool Coordinator  318-6099
Sharon Trogdon PowerSchool 318-6117
  Information Systems  
Dale Brinkley Director 318-6151
Debbie Johnston Technology Technician/Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper 318-6189
Mike Copley WAN Engineer 318-6169
Michael McLeod Technology Technician 318-6149
Jimmy Moffitt Technology Technician 318-6034
Michael Sugg Technology Technician 318-6170
Jasper Jordan Technology Technician 318-6442
Scott Petersen Technology Technician 318-6440
Andre Stewart Technology Technician 318-6033
Mitch Poole Technology Technician 318-6440

Exceptional Children's Programs

Brooke Moser Director of Exceptional Children Services 318-6060
Gwen Hayes Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper 318-6060
Jennifer Beane Data Manager  318-6076
Kris Roach Homebound Teacher 318-6060
Amanda Spencer Physical Therapist 318-6064
Heather Cleckler Occupational Therapist Level Cross
Melissa Tatum Program Specialist 318-6024
Tracie Ross Program Facilitator 318-6427
Elisha Kivett Program Facilitator 318-6156
Mary Jo McCall Program Facilitator 318-6066
Meghann Bush Program Facilitator 318-6093
Caroline Hill Program Facilitator 318-6094
Carmen Proctor Program Facilitator 318-6077
Jennifer Tinsley Program Facilitator 318-6162
Beth Mills Program Facilitator 318-6068
Ashley Hemming Reading Specialist 318-6070
Megan Hinshaw Psychologist 318-6137
Allen Sinclair Psychologist 318-6071
Teresa Campbell Psychologist 318- 6075
Dr. Cheon Graham Psychologist 318-6199
Meredith Swanson Psychologist 318-6074
Jordyn Bridger Psychologist 318-6073
Dr. Heather Schwickrath Psychologist 318-6082
Natalie Phillips Psychologist 318-6072
Patti Asbill Lead Speech-Language Pathologist 318-6061
Cyndi Koury Pre-School Coordinator 318-6342
Jessica Green Pre-School Itinerant Teacher 318-6060
Simone Wright Pre-School Speech 318-6070
Kathy Allen Pre-School Speech 318-6060
Bobby Samples Behavior Specialist 318-6350
Amanda Bush AU Teacher 318-6067
Kerri Smith Teacher of the Visually Impaired 318-6060
Janie Davis Transition Coordinator 318-6367
Nicole Duncan Adapted Physical Education Teacher 318-6188
  Testing and Accountability  
Dr. Sharon Johnson Director, Testing & Accountability 318-6044
Cynthia Macfayden Testing Assistant 318-6042
Kari Hulin Testing Coordinator 318-6019
Marty Trotter Assistant Superintendent/Operations 318-6283
Larry Chilton Director, Facilities and Maintenance 318-6096
Randy Wilson Assistant Director, Facilities and Maintenance
Wendy Garner Office Manager 318-6053
Dawn Henson Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper 318-6055
Curtiss Pendleton School Safety Coordinator 318-6136
Derek Clark Director, Transportation 318-6145
Connie Stanley Property Cost Clerk II 318-6148
Jennifer Davis Property Cost Clerk I 318-6144
Billy Smith Shop Foreman 318-6146
Valerie Peace Bus Routing Supervisor 318-6120
Deborah Matthews Bus Routing Specialist 318-6125
Judy Barnes Bus Routing Specialist 318-6185
Tammy Cox EC Transportation Facilitator 318-6022
Amy Snider Bus Routing Specialist 318-6111
  Child Nutrition  
Donna Osborne Director, Child Nutrition 318-6133
Kelly Green Asst. Director, Child Nutrition 318-6134
Emily Needham Office Manager 318-6130
Angela Wilson Market Order / Inventory Specialist 318-6135
Christie Lamb Administrative Assistant 318-6161
Jayme Hendren Child Nutrition Supervisor 318-6132

Finance and Business Office

Todd Lowe Finance Officer 318-6113
Cheryl Lucas Accounting Supervisor 318-6115
Alice Dean Accounting Specialist 318-6021
Karen McPherson Payroll Specialist 318-6116
Sharon Spencer Payroll Specialist 318-6114
Becky Hoover Payroll Specialist 318-6065
Debra Brower Insurance Specialist 318-6142
Juanita Sagers Benefits & Finance Assistant 318-6069
Kay Moffitt Federal Budgets / LBAAS 318-6379
Amy Blumke    318-6112
Nancy Carpenter 318-6127
  Warehouse Staff  
Debbie Cox Purchasing Supervisor 318-6771
Sarah Chaffin Invoice/Fixed Asset Clerk 318-6297
Sharon Lowry Purchasing Clerk 318-6770
Ty Hall Warehouse/Textbook Clerk 318-6772
Paul Kirk Delivery 318-6348
Johnny Hussey Delivery 318-6348
  Copy Center  
Denise Carter Printing Specialist 318-6773
Student Services
Rick Dawes Director of Administrative Services for Students / Athletic Director for School System 318-6123
Terri White Student Assignments / Administrative Services 318-6048
Kim Wagoner Student Advocate Coordinator 465-6006
  Driver Education  
Lewis Southern Director, Driver Education 318-6025