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Randolph County Schools Driver Education

The Randolph County School System offers Driver Education to all eligible public, private, and home schooled students who attend school in Randolph County for a fee of $55, payable during the classwork phase. Randolph County Board of Education policy states that a student must be enrolled in a public or private school that is located in Randolph County. State law states that a student must be at least fourteen and a half years old to be registered in driver education. State law also states that driver education must have thirty hours of book-work, and six hours of in-car instructions. State law will not permit a student to obtain a learner's permit until the student has completed both book-work and in-car phases. Randolph County Schools offers driver education year round.

To register for the bookwork portion of Driver Education, please click below:
Any questions can be directed to Lewis Southern in the Driver Education office at

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