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Activity Information Table
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Directions/Links/Documentation Requirements

Health Assessment

  • Basic Risk Screen

Attend Screening when offered

Documentation (25 pts):

  1. Sign attached form and have supervisor/nurse sign. 

Complete Online Self-Health Assessment Survey (BCBSNC) 

  • Survey identifies your personal health risks and provides you with a personalized action plan.
  • Survey CAN ALSO be completed via phone (1-800-817-7044)



  1. Login/Register (top right of homepage), then locate the “WELLNESS”  tab, then select “Health Assessment”   

You can also call BCBSNC Web Support at 1-888-705-7050 for assistance.

Documentation (25 pts):

  1. AT the end click on icon (face) top right.
  2. Click on this and you will have a message in your inbox thanking you for completing the assessment. OPEN &PRINT THIS PAGE (no personal info is on this page)

Obtain a Health coach  (BCBSNC)

  • Trained and licensed health care professional (e.g. nurse, dietitians.
  • Provision of tailored goal setting, monitoring, support for a variety of health needs.
  • Provision of resources, materials, videos, etc free of charge.       


  1. Call 1-800-817-7044 to contact a Health Coach (available by phone Mon-Fri 8:30am-9pm and Saturdays 9am-2pm)

Documentation (45 pts): 

  1. Will receive letter after phone call contacts with Health Coach.
  2. Provide copy of letters (can white out/remove
  3. ANY personal info) as  documentation.



SNA Monthly Challenges Program 

  • Wellness program with Monthly Challenges for regular drawing for prizes. (e.g. physical activity, healthy eating, etc). Monthly challenges- must complete 2 out of 3 months per quarter. 



Documentation (35 pts):

  1. Save email receipts from signing up and monthly submissions (can also use screen shots)

SNA Steps Program

  • Complete average of 10,000 steps per day per week for 10 weeks and record data in Steps program online.


 Documentation (45 pts): 

  1. Save email receipts from signing up and monthly submissions (can also use screen shots)

Self-Directed 10,000+ steps a day

  • Using self-purchased Fitbit, Garmin, and/or other tracking device complete average of 10,000 steps per day for 5 consecutive days.
  1. See individual equipment directions.

  2. Blue365® link: https://www.blue365deals.com/ check for discounted Fitbit/Garmin products (free BCBSNC program)


Documentation (10 pts):

  1. Printed record- most devices will download your data online which can be printed out or keep up on activity log.

Fitness Class/Session

  • Attend local fitness class (e.g. YMCA, gym) or join walking/running group, or meet with a personal trainer.



Local Classes/Fitness Programs:
  1. Asheboro YMCA group class schedule: http://www.randolphasheboroymca.com/cms-view-page.php?page=group-fitness

  2. YMCA Personal Trainer (20$session)http://www.randolphasheboroymca.com/cms-view-page.php?page=personal-training

  3. Nautilus Group Classes (5$ class even for non-members) http://nautilusfamilyfitnesscenter.com/gym/our-classes

Documentation (10 pts per class):

  1. Have instructor sign log with time/date/location/type of class.

Self-Directed Physical Activity


  • Choose your own physical activity daily
  1. Keep track of all physical activity (exercise, walking, joggin, etc)

Documentation (10 pts per 30 min; 15 pts for over 60 min)

  1. Sign log with dates/times/type of physical activity

Accountability Partner

  • Choose a co-worker to contact a minimum of 1x weekly for 10 consecutive weeks.
  • Contacts can focus on encouragement as well as accountability for making time for physical activity and/or healthy eating or time dedicated to relieving stress.
  • Contacts can be made via email, text, or phone calls 1x week/10weeks.


Documentation (35 pts):

  1. Complete attached log during contacts

Attended Wellness Speaker Session(s)

  • Attend available fall, winter and/or spring wellness sessions with guest speakers.

 Location: TBA

Documentation (25 pts per session):

  1. Have guest speaker sign log or supervisor/director (e.g. Kelly, Jayme)

Nutrition Newsletter Reflection

  • Complete reflection forms accompanying any of 5 monthly Nutrition Newsletters
  • Complete reflection form per newsletter
  1. Links: http://childnutrition.ncpublicschools.gov/information-resources/nutrition-education/staff-wellness/handouts-newsletters

Documentation (10 pts each):

  1. Completed reflection form per newsletter

Walk/Run in a 5k



  • Sign-up and walk/run in a 5k
  • If ALL of a school’s staff participate  BONUS pts awarded.
  1. See "Upcoming Events Near You!" on the School Nutrition Employee Home Page under the School Nutrition Employee Wellness Program tab.

  2. Search online- Google 5k races NC or Randolph County for local 5k races.

Documentation (35 pts or 100 pts if all attend):

  1. Individual: Provide picture from race or receipt 

  2. Group: Group photograph.

Participate in Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less Program

  • Online weight management program that motivates participants to live mindfully as they make choices about eating and physical activity.
  • Delivered in an interactive real-time format with a live instructor.
  • You will choose a day and time that works for you for 1 session a week for 15 lessons
  • Lunch, afternoon evening sessions
  • Registration online: https://esmmweighless.com/

  • Costs 30$ for 15 sessions, if use 10/15 sessions will receive refund of 25$! (State Employee Health Plan)

Directions on how to enroll:

  1. Choose “General Enrollment” or “NC State Health Plan Member Enrollment”
  2. Provide your contact information, including an email address.
  3. Pick a class option that fits your schedule!
  4. Pay using PayPal or use a pre-paid voucher code.


Documentation (75 pts):

  1. Provide receipt/documentation of registration as well as refund 25$ evidence (can be copy of refund check or refund documentation)

Mental Health/Stress Relief  

  • Choose from techniques and resource packet (e.g. mindfulness, muscle relaxation, Mandalas worksheets.


  1. Utilize/choose resources from Mental Health/Stress Relief Packet

  2. Set 1 goal per week for time to spend completing an activity. Complete and meet goal minimum of 5 out of 7 days per week for 10 weeks.

Documentation (35 pts):

  1. Use general log

Self-Made Nutrition Goals

  • Choose from list of nutrition areas
  • Set 1 goal per week for time to spend completing an activity. Complete and meet goal minimum of 5 out of 7 days per week for 10 weeks.

Documentation (35 pts):

  1. Use general log 

Other Information:

  • Activities can be repeated every quarter (or new activities attempted per quarter) to accumulate points OR new/different activities can be chosen, added, or exchanged. The ONLY activities that cannot be repeated are as follows: 1) Health Assessment, 2) Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less Program
  • Division of Program Quarters:
    • Fall: September- November    Winter: December-February    Spring: March-May
  • Some activities may overlap. For example, an employee could partner with a co-worker to attend a physical activity class 2 days a week at a local gym or the 2 employees could partner to walk together daily to meet 10,000 steps while also being “contact/support” buddies. 
  • Your health information is private. We will not be requesting any health information in this program. The focus of this program is to encourage participation in activities which are free and/or discounted in price that support health and wellbeing.
  • SCREEN SHOT DOCUMENTATION DIRECTIONS: Press “PrtScn” button on keyboard (usually upper right/central area). Open “Paint” program from accessories and select the "paste" button (picture of clipboard). This should enter a picture of the screen shot from a website/webpage to the paint program where it can now be printed. You may also print directly what you see to turn in from a website/webpage. 

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