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Frequently Asked Questions
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Bring Your Own Technology Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bring Your Own Technology initiative?
As new technologies continue to change the world in which we live, they also provide many new and positive educational benefits for classroom instruction. In an effort to put students at the center and empower them to take control of their own learning, the Randolph County School System is implementing Bring Your Own Technology as written in Section C of Board Policy 3220 (Technology in Education Program). In this initiative, students are allowed to bring their own technology devices to school to assist their learning experiences. Students wishing to participate must follow the responsibilities stated in the Board Policy 3225/4312/7320 (Technology Responsible Use) as well as the Bring Your Own Technology Guidelines.

What devices are allowed for Bring Your Own Technology?
For purposes of Bring Your Own Technology, “Technology” means a privately owned wireless and/or portable electronic piece of equipment that includes existing and emerging mobile communication systems and smart technologies, portable Internet devices, hand held entertainment systems or portable information technology systems that can be used for word processing, wireless Internet access, image capture/recording, sound recording and information transmitting/receiving/storing. Device types include, but are not limited to, laptops, netbooks, tablets/slates, iPod Touches, cell and smart phones.

What will students be able to do with their device?
Students will be able to use web-based applications and tools available on their device for instruction.

Is the Internet access filtered?
Yes, student-owned personal devices will access the Internet, when logged on to the Guest Network through the same Internet filter that is used on Randolph County School System (RCSS) owned computers.

Why am I filtered on my own device?
Student and adult filtering is a requirement of all public schools. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all network access to be filtered in a public school, regardless of the device used to access it. The network you are using while at school belongs to RCSS and will be filtered.

What are the rules for using student-owned devices?
Students will follow the Randolph County School System-Bring Your Own Technology Guidelines Parent/Student Agreement. Students may bring their own technology and utilize personal electronic communication devices at school and at school activities. Students may use these devices in the classroom when the teacher deems them appropriate for educational purposes. All devices must remain silent and/or be put away unless being used within a lesson during class time.

Can my child use their 3G or 4G data plan?
No, because 3G and 4G content are not filtered and secure. For Internet access students are required to use the RCSS guest wireless access.

How will students access the WiFi?
Students will be on a separate wireless network from RCSS owned devices. Campuses support wirless G (54 mbps) and wireless dual band N (300 mbps).

What if a student has technical issues with the device?
Students must manage their own technology and should take care of any technical issues.

What measures are in place to protect a student’s device?
The student guest access is on a protected network which prevents students from spreading viruses to other users on the guest network. RCSS's state-of-the-art firewall protects the guest network from outside intrusion.

Will there be a permission form that needs to be signed before a student brings a personal device to school?
Yes. Students must return a signed Bring Your Own Technology Guidelines Parent/Student Agreement. Students have already signed a Responsible Use Agreement and the Code of Conduct.

I brought my device to school and my teacher will not allow me to use it. What do I do?
The teacher is in charge of classroom procedures, including internet access. Although access is available, it is not guaranteed for every classroom situation.

Can a student’s Bring Your Own Device privilege be revoked?
Yes. If a student is not following the developed guidelines for the use of a personally owned device, an administrator can revoke the privilege through the regular discipline process.

How can a teacher or staff member tell if a student is using a 3G/4G wireless connection to the Internet rather than the school’s wireless access?
It can be difficult to discern. However, if a staff member sees a student accessing a website that is typically blocked from the RCSS network, the student is likely on 3G/4G connection. If the student is connected to a wireless network the 
symbol will be displayed. The most effective way to make sure the rules are followed is observation of what students are accessing.

Am I still held accountable for Responsible Use Policy I agreed to at the beginning of the school year, even though this is my own personal computer?
Yes. The Responsible Use Policy for RCSS remains in effect even when you are using your own computing device. Violating the terms of the policy is a violation of the student code of conduct.

How will theft, loss, or damage of a personally owned device be handled in a school?
RCSS Bring Your Own Technology Guidelines specifically address the risk of students bringing their own devices to school. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices.

Will students be able to print documents from their personal computing devices?
Students will not be able to access RCSS printers from their personal devices.

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